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We partner with you to envision the desired culture and put in place the behaviors, norms, structural processes, and policies to achieve the future state. We provide strategic planning, leadership coaching, training and workshops, conflict management, assessment and evaluations.

Vision Strategy Research Design Innovati


We facilitate a dynamic and inclusive planning process to generate a shared vision, deep buy-in, and an action plan for implementation. This can be done at the organization level with DEI and Culture embedded and integrated into the strategic plan, and/or can be a stand-alone plan specifically addressing culture change.

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We facilitate meetings and retreats to engage in rich and powerful dialogue, achieve consensus on priorities, and commitments to action. Our facilitations are highly interactive and engaging and use multiple methodologies. These could also be paired with an educational component for raising awareness around key concepts.

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We provide deep and powerful individual support to help people become lead culture change and DEI efforts more effectively and for modeling their espoused values in the organization. We also facilitate “peer coaching” processes for teams to develop internal coaching skills and support one another.



Our workshops impact the head, hands, and heart by providing conceptual knowledge, engage at the emotional level, and help participants develop skills for behavior change. Workshops could be stand-alone or done in conjunction with larger culture change efforts. 

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A diverse team of consultants, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leaders, and coaches who are committed to creating culture change that works. Our philosophy is “All In.” This means we are All In for your success and will help you generate a culture where every person in the team and organization is All In.  

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience working with leaders on complex organizational change projects and in DEI and culture change. We bring diversity in many dimensions including our race, gender, age, nationality, languages and cultures and more. 



We work with senior leadership teams who are striving to create high impact organizations and foster inclusive and engaging cultures. 

Our consultants have worked with dozens of organizations across all sectors, in the US and in many other countries, and ranging from 25 to over 50,000 employees. 

Reach out to hear about the work we have done in your sector and if we may be a fit. 

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We were tired of the culture change initiatives that were "off the shelf" solutions, check-the-box, and did not honor the unique culture of each organization. And we - several seasoned individual consultants - wanted to practice what we preach by doing this work in a collective, no longer only as solo practitioners. 

We came together to build a new and innovative way to meet the demands for creating inclusive cultures in today's modern and complex workplaces.




We recognize your expertise and your lived experience in your organization and each person's expertise based on their their social identities.



We engage in candid and trust-based conversations and co-create solutions together. We challenge people to bring their full selves into relationships.


We foster inclusion for everyone, period. We design processes and experiences to engage the full set of diversity in your organization. 

Honesty &

We deliver on what we say we will do and we do our best to walk our talk. We promise to be honest with your organization and teams.


We honor each person's inherent worth, their different experiences, unique perspectives, and potential for contributing to the greater good. 




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I learned how important leadership is when I was a child. Growing up in a working class and majority Black and Brown neighborhood, I witnessed firsthand how our lives are fundamentally impacted by the decisions leaders made in the workplace and in our communities. I served in my first 'formal' leadership position over 20 years ago, and have been trying to improve myself as a leader ever since, holding multiple executive level roles, consulting to organizations in multiple countries, and completing a master's degree in organization development (OD) in the process. It is my pleasure and calling to work with people who are passionate about being the best leaders they can be and creating organizations that are both inclusive and impactful in their missions.

Stephen Graves

Principal Consultant

Born in South Carolina and raised in the black Baptist church, I had an insatiable curiosity to understand the South’s nuanced history related to race, my place in that story as a black man, and how the Christian faith could be used as a tool to heal or weapon to hurt.  This curiosity set me on a personal exploration, which turned into a professional journey as I pursued and earned a Master in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina.  Throughout my career in healthcare and in diversity, equity and inclusion, I have led initiatives centered on addressing health disparities, improving language access, and increasing cultural humility among teams.  I have been fortunate to collaborate with healthcare providers, faith leaders, high school and college students, and business leaders in helping them to create welcoming and inclusive cultures where all can thrive.

   Carol Hamilton
Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Growing up I rebelled against ‘girly’ things, jumped at the chance to play sports when Title IX opened up opportunities for girls and was usually the only girl in the trumpet section. This fostered my feminist persepctive. I also grew up the younger sister of a brother with special needs. Observing how the world treated him and how systems were not set up with him in mind helped me begin to appreciate the challenges of those that our society marginalizes. As I deepen my practice, I continue to learn how my white privilege impacts my experience. My passion is helping organizations cultivate healthy, inclusive cultures that express their values, fostering learning, creativity and results. I have a Master of Science in Organization Development from American University and a Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College, where I studied history and anthropology.

Our team is small and mighty.  We are united in our passion for creating more equitable and inclusive systems, and we are diverse in our skills, perspectives, disciplines, and social identities. 

We are large enough to support major and complex organizational change efforts, and small enough that you are always working with a top-level consultant and core member of our team. 



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