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Create a high-performing and equitable organization through intentional strategy, culture, and leadership.

Most of our engagements are multifaceted in terms of services we provide and we partner with you to determine which services will be most impactful for you. Below are some of the common activities we provide to support you.

Strategic Planning

Whether you need a new strategy or to revise an existing one, we design a process that engages stakeholders, includes research, and facilitated sessions to synthesize and align on a strategy. This can include an operational or implementation plan as well and facilitation to track progress.

Coaching & Advising

We provide coaching, consultation, and advice on your most pressing issues to leaders offering external insight and solutions and focusing on giving you feedback and support on developing leadership skills. 

Leadership Development

We provide leadership development through Trainings or Coaching in individual and group sessions. We give leaders a safe and structured space to receive support on their most pressing challenges and build the skills necessary to lead your organization to its mission and vision.


We work with your groups to facilitate in order to build alignment, enable better communication, resolve conflicts, or build stronger relationships. Facilitation can be one-off or ongoing support for a team. 

Organization Assessment

We assess your organization's general culture and employee experiences using tools such as surveys, listening sessions, and interviews to provide you with clarity to develop change strategies and baselines for assessing progress over time.


We engage your audience on topics related to equity, leadership, culture change, and strategy in order to provide insights to help your teams be aligned and empowered to support the organization.

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