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A unique experience

Your experience working with us will likely be different than with many consultants.

1. Integrated solutions. 
We support you in integrating solutions related to your culture, strategy, and leadership. We help you take a holistic view and approach to achieving systemic and sustainable change. 

2. A collaborative partner. 
We work with you as thought partners, a coach, a guide, and facilitate change with you. We trust you as having the most expertise about your system and work together to design solutions. 

3. Diverse perspectives. 
Our team that is diverse in our industry background, professional experience, and identities. This ensure that you get a broad and rich set of thinking and approaches to inform solutions and progress in your organization.

We Strive to Practice

White Rocks


Strive for alignment between what we say and what we do, and always be open to feedback. 

Rock Balancing


Recognize that systems of oppression are always present and find our agency in those systems.

Desert Rock Formation


We say what we think and listen not just with our ears but with our hearts.

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