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Belonging in Your Power:
From Self to Inclusive Systems

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Online Conference

Cohort learning

Join us for a 6-week cohort program designed specifically for professionals charged with supporting diversity, equity and inclusion within your organization - whether this is actually in your job title or not. 


Together we will build community, strive to enhance your well-being and help you continue to develop and deepen your skills that you can apply to your work.

Virtual Team Meeting

A 6-week leadership development cohort program for inclusive leaders

Moving forward diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work within your organization is rewarding, challenging and oftentimes lonely and tiring work. After the enthusiasm for equity work with 2020’s racial reckoning, some organizations are  pulling back their support for DEI initiatives.


Yet this work of dismantling systemic oppressions and how they show up in organizations and then reimagining cultures, systems and processes for a more liberatory future is a marathon not a sprint.


Where do you go to replenish your energy to stay in the work? Who is in your corner to help you gain fresh perspectives on the places your initiatives may be stuck? How do you prepare yourself to navigate the politics of speaking up and challenging the status quo?

Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

Community of peers

Join Belonging in Your Power: From Self to Inclusive Systems to connect with peers and experienced DEI practitioners and facilitators to revitalize your power and your commitment to this important work.


Together we will:

  • Articulate our values and motivations for why we do this work

  • Learn tools for self regulation to better lead ourselves and others

  • Explore the politics of speaking up and considerations for when and how to do so

  • Practice skills for having difficult conversations

  • Examine steps for influencing when you do not have positional authority

  • Map out next steps in your continued DEI work and learning journey

Video Call
Remote Team Meeting

Program building blocks

Belonging in Your Power: From Self to Inclusive Systems will consist of six weekly two-hour live co-facilitated sessions via Zoom with plenty of space for personal reflection and group conversation. For greater psychological safety, the sessions will not be recorded.

In addition, each participant will receive 1-hour session of 1-1 coaching.

Sessions will include:

  • Connecting and Grounding:

    • Together we will:

      • Build our learning community and reconnect with our values

  • Tools for Self-Regulation

    • Learn approaches for:

      • Mastering your stress

      • Activating your self and building your inner clarity 

      • Leading yourself to be able to lead others

  • The Audacity of Speaking Up

    • Explore:

      • Using your voice when to do it and How 

      • The politics and implications of speaking up from dominant identities and subjugated identities

  • Having Difficult Conversations

    • Explore:

      • what it means to step into and conduct uncomfortable conversations

  • ​Building Coalitions of Support

    • Learn strategies and techniques to enact change and drive results when you have limited authority and direct resources

  • Mapping Your Next Steps

    • Together we will:

      • Reflect on where we started, where we have come

      • help you identify your learnings and what your next steps are in your DEI journey

Who the program is for

This program is right for you if:

  • You have been doing diversity, equity and inclusion work for at least three years

  • You are involved in moving DEI work in your organization forward

  • Are interested in continuing to build your skills to influence change in your organization(s) and communities

  • You are looking for community and learning opportunities to connect with colleagues doing DEI work


This program is NOT a good fit for:

  • People who are very new to diversity, equity and inclusion and early in their journey OR consider themselves an expert in diversity and inclusion.

Watching Video Lecture

Meet the facilitators

Meet the facilitators

Nyacko Perry 
Managing Partner

For myself, my ancestors, and my descendants, I actively work to dismantle the oppressive white supremacist narratives that exist within myself and the organizations and systems I serve. As a consultant, I specialize in multilevel data collection, group dynamics, and organizational healing facilitation. I am also the Co-Founder of Comfort Kitchen, a restaurant and community space that aims to transform the food industry from the inside out by centering the immigrant experience and their contribution to the food ecosystem in America. I hold a Master's Degree in Organization Development from American University and a Bachelor's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University. 

Stephen Graves

Senior DEI Consultant 

Born in South Carolina and raised in the black Baptist church, I had an insatiable curiosity to understand the South’s nuanced history related to race, my place in that story as a black man, and how the Christian faith could be used as a tool to heal or weapon to hurt.  This curiosity set me on a personal exploration, which turned into a professional journey as I pursued and earned a Master in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina.  Throughout my career in healthcare and in diversity, equity and inclusion, I have led initiatives centered on addressing health disparities, improving language access, and increasing cultural humility among teams.  I have been fortunate to collaborate with healthcare providers, faith leaders, high school and college students, and business leaders in helping them to create welcoming and inclusive cultures where all can thrive.


Tip Fallon


As a multiracial person growing up in a diverse area in terms of race, cultures, and socioeconomic status, I learned firsthand how critical it is for people to feel a sense of belonging and how important it is to honor people’s identities and backgrounds. I've seen and experienced what happens when people are excluded based on identity and the powerful transformation that can only happen when diversity is present. Bringing over 15 years of working with organizations on change and transformation, I help people have powerful conversations, honor different perspectives, and shift behaviors and cultures. I completed a Masters of Organization Development from American University, am a Certified Professional Diversity Coach and serve as adjunct faculty in Georgetown’s Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program. 

   Carol Hamilton
Organizational Change Strategist

Growing up I rebelled against ‘girly’ things, jumped at the chance to play sports when Title IX opened up opportunities for girls and was usually the only girl in the trumpet section. This fostered my feminist persepctive. I also grew up the younger sister of a brother with special needs. Observing how the world treated him and how systems were not set up with him in mind helped me begin to appreciate the challenges of those that our society marginalizes. As I deepen my practice, I continue to learn how my white privilege impacts my experience. My passion is helping organizations cultivate healthy, inclusive cultures that express their values, fostering learning, creativity and results. I have a Master of Science in Organization Development from American University and a Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College, where I studied history and anthropology.

Apply today for our next cohort

The investment in Belonging in Your Power: From Self to Inclusive Systems  cohort program in 2023 is $995 per participant.


Each cohort will include up to 12 participants.

Group rates:

  • Two participants from the same organization - $945 per participant

  • Three participants from the same organization - $895 per participant

  • Four participants from the same organization - $845 per participant

Once your application is accepted, you will receive a link to pay the registration fee.

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